What’s next?

The Untitled Oxford Novel. More details coming very, very soon. It’ll be published in 2022. 

How do you pronounce your last name?

Probably not the way you’re inclined to. It rhymes with “song”, not “bang”! Here’s a Google Translate link that will pronounce it for you!

Where can I get a signed book?

I sign stock occasionally at bookstores when I’m invited (and sometimes by stealth when I’m not invited) and will update readers on social media when I do. Same goes for panels, readings, and launch events. For reasons relating to personal security and customs fees, I don’t sign and send back books mailed to my personal address, even if you pay for postage–sorry.

I’d love to be kept up to date on new releases. Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to?

Yes! Here’s the thing–I don’t have the time or technological inclination to do one of those fancy MailChimp things with pretty formatting. What I can do is collect email addresses of anyone interested into a mailing list that I will notify, probably only once or twice a year, about new projects coming out. All you have to do is enter your address into this Google Form. I will only ever use your email to give you a heads up on stuff I’m publishing, and this list will never be shared with anyone except me.