How do you pronounce your last name?

Koo-wang. Like King Kong, but King Kwong. (Not KwAYYNG.)

What does the F stand for?

Forking Awesome.

When will the sequel be out?

No firm release date yet, but the goal is to have the books come out annually. (The sequel has been written, it’s just going through revisions!)

I’d love to be kept up to date on new releases. Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to?

Yes! Here’s the thing–I don’t have the time or technological inclination to do one of those fancy mailchimp things with pretty formatting. What I can do is collect email addresses of anyone interested into a mailing list that I will notify, probably only once or twice a year, about new projects coming out. All you have to do is enter your address into this Google Form.

Is THE POPPY WAR part of a trilogy?

Yes, the Poppy Wars trilogy. There are two more planned books. I knew exactly how the last scene would end when I started writing the first book, so no need to worry about a series without a conclusion 🙂

How and where can I order a signed copy?

Thanks for your interest in a signed copy, that’s really cool! I’ve set up a partnership with Politics & Prose in DC to take orders for books that I’ll sign when I do my tour stop there on June 1. To order, just call the Politics and Prose bookstore at the Wharf, ((202) 488-3867), or order a signed copy directly via this link:


They deliver, so you don’t need to live anywhere near Washington, DC to get one as long as you’re willing to pay for shipping ^_^