Book Two?

The Dragon Republic. August 2019.

How do you pronounce your last name?

Koo-wang. Like King Kong, but King Kwong. (Not KwAYYNG.)

I’d love to be kept up to date on new releases. Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to?

Yes! Here’s the thing–I don’t have the time or technological inclination to do one of those fancy MailChimp things with pretty formatting. What I can do is collect email addresses of anyone interested into a mailing list that I will notify, probably only once or twice a year, about new projects coming out. All you have to do is enter your address into this Google Form. I will only ever use your email to give you a heads up on stuff I’m publishing, and this list will never be shared with anyone except me.

Is THE POPPY WAR part of a trilogy?

Yes, the Poppy Wars trilogy. There are two more planned books. I knew exactly how the last scene would end when I started writing the first book, so no need to worry about a series without a conclusion 🙂