news! news! huge news!

Today from Deadline Hollywood:

EXCLUSIVERebecca F. Kuang’s series of fantasy novels including The Poppy War, are set to be adapted for television after Peter Luo’s Starlight Media optioned the rights.

Starlight Media, which has backed films including Crazy Rich Asians and Midway, has taken the rights to The Poppy War, Dragon Republic and The Burning God.

The company has teamed with financing and production banner SA Inc to develop and finance the female-led, fantasy epic, which combines the history of twentieth-century China and a world of gods and monsters.

Allen Fischer from management/production company Artists First is packaging the project with Starlight, and is in the process of attaching a showrunner.

Ahhh! That’s all I got.

2 thoughts on “news! news! huge news!”

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    First of all, this is HUGE news. I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch the TV version of your books.
    Second of all, I just finished THE BURNING GOD and OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. It killed me. But in the best way. And when it was done, I understood why that ending was inevitable. Broke my heart, of course, but inevitable.
    This is just to say that I love this series and have been sharing it with everyone possible, and I cannot wait until it gets adapted and people jump on it just like they did ‘Game of Thrones’ and I get to be that smug person who says “Yeah, I was reading that way before the whole world knew how awesome it was…”
    Squee. 🙂


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