THE BURNING GOD is out today!!!

Happy launch day! I kicked off the morning chatting to Lucy Nalpathanchil on WNPR radio; thank you to Carmen Baskauf for producing! You can listen to the full archived show here.

Launching a book during a pandemic is weird. Normally I’d be at a local bookstore, signing stock and beaming in satisfaction at seeing my work on shelves (nope, that never gets old!). Today I’m wrapping up a trilogy, but it doesn’t feel as momentous as perhaps it should. I’ll be at home, sipping champagne and plugging away at the next book. I’m doing a modified version of Nanowrimo–I’m just writing about 1000 words a day, but that’s all I need to stay on track to have 190,000 done by the end of the year)–and my streak’s been unbroken so far so if the election couldn’t distract me, launch day sure can’t. But probably that’s the best way to avoid publication jitters–gotta keep my eyes on the next project.

Tonight I’ll be in virtual conversation with Ken Liu at Brookline Booksmith. (Tickets come with books and a signed bookplate). Since reading Ken’s Grace of Kings back in 2015 was what convinced me that there was space for a big China-inspired epic fantasy novel in the Western canon, it means a lot that I get to wrap up this trilogy doing an event with him. Then on Wednesday I’ll return to my favorite DC bookstore, Politics & Prose, with the brilliant Tochi Onyebuchi (tickets here), whose 2019 novella Riot Baby is one of the best things I’ve read recently. And that’s it for the TBG tour!

Some house-keeping things:

  • TBG will be back in stock on Amazon very soon. They sold out of their current inventory (good news, I think???) but have ordered more, so I don’t think those late November/December delivery dates are accurate. I’ll tweet updates as I learn more!
  • If you can’t wait for Amazon, I highly encourage getting it from your local indie bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Bookshop. Most of those, bless up, have NOT run out of stock.
  • “The Drowning Faith” (the extra Nezha scenes that were the pre-order bonus!) will be sent out to everyone who uploaded proof of purchase by the end of the day.

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