a lecture, an interview, and a new anthology

Three updates in one blog post! I’ve worked on several projects over the past few weeks, which I’m glad to finally get to share:

First, I was recently invited to guest lecture at Professor Erin Keating’s class at the University of Manitoba. My talk was titled “The Poppy War in Context: Asian American Speculative Fiction,” and you can watch the whole thing here. I particularly enjoyed the discussion that followed (somewhere around the 40 minute mark)–the students and audience asked some really wonderful, thought-provoking questions.

Second, I was THRILLED to chat with Evan Winter on Daniel Greene’s Youtube channel. I’ve been on Daniel’s show once before, and it was a delight; it’s always nice when your interviewer asks fresh and difficult questions. But I especially enjoyed this round because I’ve been a huge fan of Evan Winter’s RAGE OF DRAGONS since I read it earlier this year–it’s one of those high-octane, high-stress epic fantasy novels that you swallow over two days because you can’t put it down. It also has some strong thematic similarities to THE POPPY WAR, which we touched on in our conversation. The sequel, THE FIRES OF VENGEANCE, comes out in just one week; happily, I’ve already got a copy.

Third, I’ve got an anthology coming out soon–this time as a translator! I had the honor of translating the title story “The Way Spring Arrives” by Wang Nuonuo for the upcoming anthology edited by Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang. More here from Tor:

“As the home of the critically acclaimed Broken Stars and Invisible Planets, Tom Doherty Associates continues to expand its Chinese science fiction and fantasy program with this brand new collection. It will feature stories by award-winning authors Anna Wu, Xia Jia, Gu Shi, and Wang Nuonuo, among others, with a star-studded team of translators including Rebecca F. Kuang, Carmen Yiling Yan, and Gigi Chang, and many more. The collection will also feature critical essays on the art of translation, the state of science fiction and fantasy in China and the United States by Emily Xueni Jin (Yale University), Xueting Christine Ni (From Kuan Yin to Chairman Mao), and Jing Tsu (Yale University).”

1 thought on “a lecture, an interview, and a new anthology”

  1. I saw both the first and second video and I agree, lol. The questions were quite difficult but you answered them in a clear, clean manner that I enjoyed. Wonderful interview


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