Melon 2019


I had a fantastic time at the Melon science-fiction conference in Hong Kong today. I was asked to give a presentation on the top 10 coolest trends in recent science fiction–which was fun, because I don’t actually write sci-fi, so I got to approach it as a very enthusiastic fan! Unfortunately my speaking time was quite short so I had to cut it down to five, but here are the slides I’d prepared for the longer version of the talk. Take a peek if you’re interested–I hope you find your next great read there 🙂


1 thought on “Melon 2019”

  1. Dear Miss Rebecca Kuang,

    thank you so much for the recommendations!

    Congrats on everything so far! I’m sure your career will become even more successful! I loved The Poppy War and can’t wait for The Dragon Republic!!! Only 3 more months T – T

    Best wishes,


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