Hey readers,

Long time no see! I’ve been overwhelmed with life, settling into Cambridge (I LOVE IT HERE), drafting Book Three, and cranking away at revisions of Book Two.

Speaking of Book Two…

The Dragon Republic will be out from Harper in summer 2019! The B&N Sci-fi and Fantasy Blog ran the cover reveal today, as well as the synopsis AND an excerpt of the first chapter. You can read it all at this link.

Meanwhile, here’s the cover!

I absolutely love it. I think it’s so beautiful; the colors are perfect, Rin’s expression is spot-on, and the whole thing SCREAMS symbolism. The cover design process this time around was so smooth and easy. Every time my editorial team showed me what they’d done at each stage in the process I screamed YES, THAT IS WHAT I WANT!!! It really felt like we were all on precisely the same wavelength and had identical visions for the book, and I’m just so grateful I have such an amazing team to work with at Harper Voyager. Credit also due, of course, to the incredibly talented artist JungShan, who has managed yet again to capture exactly what Rin looks like in my mind.

I’m generally not a fan of covers that depict the characters themselves. So often they just go wrong; the characters look awkward, they don’t mesh with how I imagine them, they’re positioned funny, etc. I suspect that danger is why we’re seeing so many more abstract covers, or covers that focus on still objects or symbols, for fantasy releases. I lucked out. I’m biased, obviously, but I think I have the best covers in the world 😛  (Okay, the cover to Rebecca Roanhorse’s upcoming Storm of Locusts looks hecking RAD.)

I’ll try not to say too much about the symbolism because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. For now, let’s just all take some advice from the cover blurb:

Brace yourself!

6 thoughts on “announcing THE DRAGON REPUBLIC!”

  1. I just started The Poppy War, and am utterly blown away. It’s soo good! My only complaint is that the sequel hasn’t already been released! lol! I seriously wanted to buy it right away, even though I haven’t finished the first book yet. Thanks for the wonderful story!


  2. Cannot wait for book 2. The Poppy War was absorbing and impossible to put down. You truly have a gift for writing. Even your blog posts are noticeably lucid.


  3. Just finished it, I have never actually read much and I saw the poppy war cover and I thought it was beautiful so I bought it to make myself read more, I thought it was going to be a light reading… Poor me, I had to buy the The dragon Republic and everything went from bad to worse so fast, the way you described Golyn Nis atrocities were extremely powerful, and I thought that would be the the heaviest part, poor me, poor Ramsa, I felt everything when reading like I was soul binded with the whole Cyke.. I hope there will be retaliation WITH FIRE in the third book. Really looking forward to it. Thanks for making me enjoy reading again.


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